[FIXED] Github – After git clone, how to make a pull request?


I’ve read this. But it doesn’t answer to what I’ve done and what I want.

I’m very new to git, and I’ve made a “git clone https://github.com/qmk/qmk_firmware

Then I’ve created a new directory layouts/community/ergodox/azerty.
In this directory I’ve created those files:

  • layouts/community/ergodox/azerty/keymap.c
  • layouts/community/ergodox/azerty/simple_visualizer.h
  • layouts/community/ergodox/azerty/README.md
  • layouts/community/ergodox/azerty/visualizer.c
  • layouts/community/ergodox/azerty/rules.mk
  • layouts/community/ergodox/azerty/config.h

Now I’d like to make a pull request for the maintainers to merge my “community layout”.

I dont know what to do.


How contribute to GitHub repo:

  1. Fork the GitHub repo, you get the fork in your GitHub account
  2. Clone your fork
  3. Commit into your local repo
  4. Push to your fork
  5. Create pull request from your fork

See details: The beginner’s guide to contributing to a GitHub project and Contributing.

And see my answer to similar question.

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