[FIXED] How to get tensorflow-gpu v2 working on Windows with NVidia GPU


What are the steps to get tensorflow-gpu 2.x Python package working on Windows with an NVidia GPU?

I.e. how can I get rid of Could not find 'cudart64_101.dll' and then Could not find 'cudnn64_7.dll'?



  • Requires specific versions according to the error messages you see, not latest versions!

1. Download and install latest NVidia driver


2. Install Tensorflow Python package

pip uninstall tensorflow
pip install tensorflow-gpu

(*) For newer versions, tensorflow and tensorflow-gpu are the same package, so just update tensorflow using:

pip install --upgrade tensforflow

3. Test

At first the following test will fail, pay attention to version of missing file e.g. Could not find 'cudart64_101.dll'

import tensorflow

tensorflow.test.is_built_with_gpu_support() # Test install of pip package, should output True
tensorflow.test.is_gpu_available() # Should output True
tensorflow.test.gpu_device_name() # Should output something like /device:GPU:0
# update for last test:

4. Download and install CUDA Toolkit 10.1 local setup

  • The version you need is the one not found e.g. cudart64_101.dll –> version 10.1.
  • You will need to unselect components because setup contains an older driver, in network setup this doesn’t work right


Select custom setup and:

  • Unselect CUDA / Visual Studio Integration
  • Unselect Driver components

5. Make sure these folders have been added to path:

  • And no other versions of CUDA
C:\Program Files\NVIDIA GPU Computing Toolkit\CUDA\v10.1\bin;
C:\Program Files\NVIDIA GPU Computing Toolkit\CUDA\v10.1\libnvvp;

6. Test again

  • Restart your IDE for it to receive new environment variables (including PATH)

Will fail, pay attention to version of missing file e.g. Could not find 'cudnn64_7.dll'

7. Download and manually install CUDNN 7.6.5 for CUDA 10.1

  • The version you need is the one not found e.g. cudnn64_7.dll –> version 7.x for CUDA 10.1 (or the version of CUDA you needed)


  • Unzip and copy content of cuda folder into: C:\Program Files\NVIDIA GPU Computing Toolkit\CUDA\v10.1\ (or the version you downloaded and installed)
  • If you have any conflicts, skip duplicate files

8. Test again

  • Should work this time, assuming you downloaded the correct versions

Answered By – Danny Varod

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